Frequently Asked Questions

Professor Gizmo - Amazing Science Presentations

Frequently Asked Questions

 Use this page of FAQ to help plan for your Program.


How much time does Professor Gizmo need for an all-school assembly?

Professor Gizmo needs at least 30 minutes in the designated room to set-up, 30 minutes for takedown and 60 minutes for the actual presentation.

If he is doing more than one session how much time does he need between them?

Most of the time 15-20 minutes is adequate.

How long are his programs?

It is best to schedule 60 minutes for each session.

When times are scheduled, do these include passing time?

No, this is the actual time that is needed for the presentations. If classes take too long to assemble and the presentation time is cut short you are only lessening the effectiveness of the program. Please make sure that enough time is allowed for passing and for the presentation.


~~~ Scientist in Residence Program ~~~

If we are having Professor Gizmo visit for a full day or more, when should we plan for the all-school assembly?

Most schools opt to have the all-school assembly first as a kick-off to excite and energize the students for the rest of the visit.

How do we schedule the rest of a Scientist in Residence Program?

After the all-school assembly you will probably only have enough time remaining to schedule 3 other small group sessions. Each of the small-group sessions should be about 60 minutes in length. Typical small groups would be K-2, 3-4, & 5-6. This may vary based on your school population. If you have more days scheduled you can plan on 4 sessions for each of the following days.

Again, please make sure classes are ready on time to promote the effectiveness of the program.

How much time should we allow between sessions for a Multiple Day Residence program?

There are two ways of having the program progress. Some schools are fortunate to have an extra room (area, space) for Professor Gizmo to operate. This is his first choice. If this can be arranged, then a 10-15 minute time space between sessions is sufficient. If this is not an option for your school then your schedule will have to allow at least 20 minutes time between sessions for takedown, travel and set-up.

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