Audience Comments

Professor Gizmo - Amazing Science Presentations

Audience Comments - A few unsolicited comments made by both students and adults about Professor Gizmo:

"A wonderful way for children to discover and learn...Professor Gizmo just ignites their enjoyment and joy in science that much more."

"He's the coolest guy I've ever met!"

"You were absolutely wonderful. Not only did the students thoroughly enjoy you but you were also a hit with the teachers.

"We have never enjoyed ourselves as much while learning about science"

"We had the best feedback from teachers about you that we have had for any assembly in the last two years, and we are already looking at when to have you back next year."

"Wanted to let you know about a student I sat with at your presentation. He’s had major behavioral problems and assemblies are not good times for him usually. But for you, he seldom took his eyes off you and was so intense.  I think you’ve instilled a genuine love of science in him. "

"Nonstop excitement and enthusiasm for science."

"When can he come back?"

"...he is truly an amazing motivator and teacher."

"His performance was awesome."

"He's funny and made science fun."

"He should replace Bill Nye on television."

"Children that we have a hard time reaching and motivating were totally turned on to science."

"...a fantastic endeavor!"

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